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Chapter 42A. Community Supervision

Subchapter A
General Provisions
Subchapter B
Placement on Community Supervision
Subchapter C
Deferred Adjudication Community Supervision
Subchapter D
Jurisdiction Over Case; Geographical Jurisdiction
Subchapter E
Partial Execution of Sentence; Continuing Jurisdiction
Subchapter F
Presentence and Postsentence Reports and Evaluations
Subchapter G
Discretionary Conditions Generally
Subchapter H
Mandatory Conditions Generally
Subchapter H-1
Veterans Reemployment Program
Subchapter I
Conditions Applicable to Certain Intoxication Offenses
Subchapter J
Conditions Applicable to Sex Offenders
Subchapter K
Conditions Applicable to Certain Other Offenses and Offenders
Subchapter L
State Jail Felony Community Supervision
Subchapter M
Community Corrections Facilities
Subchapter N
Payments; Fees
Subchapter O
Reduction Or Termination of Community Supervision Period
Subchapter P
Revocation and Other Sanctions