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Chapter 18. Search Warrants

Art. 18.01
Search Warrant
Art. 18.011
Sealing of Affidavit
Art. 18.02
Grounds for Issuance
Art. 18.021
Issuance of Search Warrant to Photograph Injured Child
Art. 18.0215
Access to Cellular Telephone Or Other Wireless Communications Device
Art. 18.03
Search Warrant May Order Arrest
Art. 18.04
Contents of Warrant
Art. 18.05
Warrants for Fire, Health, and Code Inspections
Art. 18.06
Execution of Warrants
Art. 18.065
Execution of Warrant Issued By District Judge for Dna Specimen
Art. 18.067
Execution of Warrant for Blood Specimen in Intoxication Offense
Art. 18.07
Days Allowed for Warrant to Run
Art. 18.08
Power of Officer Executing Warrant
Art. 18.09
Shall Seize Accused and Property
Art. 18.095
Seizure of Circuit Board of Gambling Device, Equipment, Or Paraphernalia
Art. 18.10
How Return Made
Art. 18.11
Custody of Property Found
Art. 18.12
Magistrate Shall Investigate
Art. 18.13
Shall Discharge Defendant
Art. 18.14
Examining Trial
Art. 18.15
Certify Record to Proper Court
Art. 18.16
Preventing Consequences of Theft
Art. 18.17
Disposition of Abandoned Or Unclaimed Property
Art. 18.18
Disposition of Gambling Paraphernalia, Prohibited Weapon, Criminal Instrument, and Other Contraband
Art. 18.181
Disposition of Explosive Weapons and Chemical Dispensing Devices
Art. 18.182
Disposition of Item Bearing Counterfeit Mark
Art. 18.183
Deposit of Money Pending Disposition
Art. 18.19
Disposition of Seized Weapons
Art. 18.191
Disposition of Firearm Seized from Certain Persons with Mental Illness
Art. 18.22
Testing Certain Defendants Or Confined Persons for Communicable Diseases
Art. 18.23
Expenses for Motor Vehicle Towed and Stored for Certain Purposes
Art. 18.24
Body Cavity Search During Traffic Stop