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Subchapter D. Child Custody Evaluation

Sec. 107.101
Sec. 107.102
Sec. 107.1025
Effect of Mental Examination
Sec. 107.103
Order for Child Custody Evaluation
Sec. 107.104
Child Custody Evaluator: Minimum Qualifications
Sec. 107.105
Child Custody Evaluation: Specialized Training Required
Sec. 107.106
Exception to Qualifications Required to Conduct Child Custody Evaluation
Sec. 107.107
Child Custody Evaluator: Conflicts of Interest and Bias
Sec. 107.108
General Provisions Applicable to Conduct of Child Custody Evaluation and Preparation of Report
Sec. 107.109
Elements of Child Custody Evaluation
Sec. 107.110
Psychometric Testing
Sec. 107.1101
Effect of Potentially Undiagnosed Serious Mental Illness
Sec. 107.111
Child Custody Evaluator Access to Investigative Records of Department; Offense
Sec. 107.1111
Child Custody Evaluator Access to Other Records
Sec. 107.112
Communications and Recordkeeping of Child Custody Evaluator
Sec. 107.113
Child Custody Evaluation Report Required
Sec. 107.114
Introduction and Provision of Child Custody Evaluation Report
Sec. 107.115
Child Custody Evaluation Fee