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Subchapter E. Adoption Evaluation

Sec. 107.151
Sec. 107.152
Sec. 107.153
Order for Adoption Evaluation
Sec. 107.154
Adoption Evaluator: Minimum Qualifications
Sec. 107.155
Exception to Qualifications Required to Conduct Adoption Evaluation
Sec. 107.156
Adoption Evaluator: Conflicts of Interest and Bias
Sec. 107.157
Reporting Certain Placements for Adoption
Sec. 107.158
General Provisions Applicable to Conduct of Adoption Evaluator and Preparation of Reports
Sec. 107.159
Requirements for Pre-Placement Portion of Adoption Evaluation and Report
Sec. 107.160
Requirements for Post-Placement Portion of Adoption Evaluation and Report
Sec. 107.161
Introduction and Provision of Adoption Evaluation Report and Testimony Relating to Adoption Evaluation
Sec. 107.162
Adoption Evaluation Fee
Sec. 107.163
Adoption Evaluator Access to Investigative Records of Department; Offense