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Subchapter A. Court-Ordered Child Support

Sec. 154.001
Support of Child
Sec. 154.002
Child Support Through High School Graduation
Sec. 154.003
Manner of Payment
Sec. 154.004
Place of Payment
Sec. 154.005
Payments of Support Obligation By Trust
Sec. 154.006
Termination of Duty of Support
Sec. 154.007
Order to Withhold Child Support from Income
Sec. 154.008
Provision for Medical Support and Dental Support
Sec. 154.009
Retroactive Child Support
Sec. 154.010
No Discrimination Based on Marital Status of Parents Or Sex
Sec. 154.011
Support Not Conditioned on Possession Or Access
Sec. 154.012
Support Paid in Excess of Support Order
Sec. 154.013
Continuation of Duty to Pay Support After Death of Obligee
Sec. 154.014
Payments in Excess of Court-Ordered Amount
Sec. 154.015
Acceleration of Unpaid Child Support Obligation
Sec. 154.016
Provision of Support in Event of Death of Parent