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Subchapter A. Income Withholding Required; General Provisions

Sec. 158.001
Income Withholding; General Rule
Sec. 158.002
Suspension of Income Withholding
Sec. 158.003
Withholding for Arrearages in Addition to Current Support
Sec. 158.004
Withholding for Arrearages When No Current Support Is Due
Sec. 158.005
Withholding to Satisfy Judgment for Arrearages
Sec. 158.0051
Order for Withholding for Costs and Fees
Sec. 158.006
Income Withholding in Title IV-D Suits
Sec. 158.007
Extension of Repayment Schedule By Court Or Title IV-D Agency; Unreasonable Hardship
Sec. 158.008
Priority of Withholding
Sec. 158.009
Maximum Amount Withheld from Earnings
Sec. 158.010
Order Or Writ Binding on Employer Doing Business in State
Sec. 158.011
Voluntary Withholding By Obligor