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Subchapter C. Rights and Duties of Employer

Sec. 158.201
Order Or Writ Binding on Employer
Sec. 158.202
Effective Date of and Duration of Withholding
Sec. 158.203
Remitting Withheld Payments
Sec. 158.204
Employer May Deduct Fee from Earnings
Sec. 158.205
Hearing Requested By Employer
Sec. 158.206
Liability and Obligation of Employer; Workers' Compensation Claims
Sec. 158.207
Employer Receiving More Than One Order Or Writ
Sec. 158.208
Employer May Combine Amounts Withheld
Sec. 158.209
Employer's Penalty for Discriminatory Hiring Or Discharge
Sec. 158.210
Fine for Noncompliance
Sec. 158.211
Notice of Termination of Employment and of New Employment
Sec. 158.212
Improper Payment
Sec. 158.213
Withholding from Workers' Compensation Benefits
Sec. 158.214
Withholding from Severance Pay
Sec. 158.215
Withholding from Lump-Sum Payments