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Subchapter A. General Provisions

Sec. 264.001
Sec. 264.0011
Reference to Executive Commissioner Or Commission
Sec. 264.002
Specific Appropriation Required
Sec. 264.004
Allocation of State Funds
Sec. 264.005
County Child Welfare Boards
Sec. 264.006
County Funds
Sec. 264.008
Child Welfare Service Fund
Sec. 264.009
Legal Representation of Department
Sec. 264.0091
Use of Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing Technology
Sec. 264.010
Child Abuse Plan; Limitation on Expenditure of Funds
Sec. 264.011
Local Accounts
Sec. 264.0111
Money Earned By Child
Sec. 264.0121
Notice to Legislators of Foster Child's Death
Sec. 264.013
Exchange of Information with Other States
Sec. 264.0145
Release of Case Record
Sec. 264.015
Sec. 264.017
Required Reporting
Sec. 264.018
Required Notifications
Sec. 264.019
Collection and Reporting of Alcohol and Controlled Substance Statistics