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Chapter 266. Medical Care and Educational Services for Children in Conservatorship of Department of Family and Protective Services

Sec. 266.001
Sec. 266.002
Construction with Other Law
Sec. 266.003
Medical Services for Child Abuse and Neglect Victims
Sec. 266.004
Consent for Medical Care
Sec. 266.0041
Enrollment and Participation in Certain Research Programs
Sec. 266.0042
Consent for Psychotropic Medication
Sec. 266.005
Finding on Health Care Consultation
Sec. 266.006
Health Passport
Sec. 266.007
Judicial Review of Medical Care
Sec. 266.008
Education Passport
Sec. 266.009
Provision of Medical Care in Emergency
Sec. 266.010
Consent to Medical Care By Foster Child at Least 16 Years of Age
Sec. 266.011
Monitoring Use of Psychotropic Drug
Sec. 266.012
Comprehensive Assessments
Sec. 266.013
Continuity of Services Provided By Commission