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Sec. 35.003: Petition for Temporary Authorization for Care of Child

(a) A petition for temporary authorization for care of a child must:

(1) be styled "ex parte" and be in the name of the child;

(2) be verified by the petitioner;

(3) state:

(A) the name, date of birth, and current physical address of the child;

(B) the name, date of birth, and current physical address of the petitioner; and

(C) the name and, if known, the current physical and mailing addresses of the child's parents, conservators, or guardians;

(4) describe the status and location of any court proceeding in this or another state with respect to the child;

(5) describe the petitioner's relationship to the child;

(6) provide the dates during the preceding 12 months that the child has resided with the petitioner;

(7) describe any service or action that the petitioner is unable to obtain or undertake on behalf of the child without authorization from the court;

(8) state any reason that the petitioner is unable to obtain signed, written documentation from a parent, conservator, or guardian of the child;

(9) contain a statement of the period for which the petitioner is requesting temporary authorization; and

(10) contain a statement of any reason supporting the request for the temporary authorization.

(b) If the petition identifies a court proceeding with respect to the child under Subsection (a)(4), the petitioner shall submit a copy of any court order that designates a conservator or guardian of the child.


Added by Acts 2017, 85th Leg., R.S., Ch. 334 (H.B. 1043), Sec. 1, eff. June 1, 2017.