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Chapter 51. General Provisions

Sec. 51.01
Purpose and Interpretation
Sec. 51.02
Sec. 51.03
Delinquent Conduct; Conduct Indicating a Need for Supervision
Sec. 51.031
Habitual Felony Conduct
Sec. 51.04
Sec. 51.041
Jurisdiction After Appeal
Sec. 51.0411
Jurisdiction for Transfer Or Release Hearing
Sec. 51.0412
Jurisdiction Over Incomplete Proceedings
Sec. 51.0413
Jurisdiction Over and Transfer of Combination of Proceedings
Sec. 51.0414
Discretionary Transfer to Combine Proceedings
Sec. 51.042
Objection to Jurisdiction Because of Age of the Child
Sec. 51.045
Juries in County Courts at Law
Sec. 51.05
Court Sessions and Facilities
Sec. 51.06
Sec. 51.07
Transfer to Another County for Disposition
Sec. 51.071
Transfer of Probation Supervision Between Counties: Courtesy Supervision Prohibited
Sec. 51.072
Transfer of Probation Supervision Between Counties: Interim Supervision
Sec. 51.073
Transfer of Probation Supervision Between Counties: Permanent Supervision
Sec. 51.074
Transfer of Probation Supervision Between Counties: Deferred Prosecution
Sec. 51.075
Collaborative Supervision Between Adjoining Counties
Sec. 51.08
Transfer from Criminal Court
Sec. 51.09
Waiver of Rights
Sec. 51.095
Admissibility of a Statement of a Child
Sec. 51.10
Right to Assistance of Attorney; Compensation
Sec. 51.101
Appointment of Attorney and Continuation of Representation
Sec. 51.102
Appointment of Counsel Plan
Sec. 51.11
Guardian Ad Litem
Sec. 51.115
Attendance at Hearing: Parent Or Other Guardian
Sec. 51.116
Right to Reemployment
Sec. 51.12
Place and Conditions of Detention
Sec. 51.125
Post-Adjudication Correctional Facilities
Sec. 51.126
Nonsecure Correctional Facilities
Sec. 51.13
Effect of Adjudication Or Disposition
Sec. 51.151
Polygraph Examination
Sec. 51.17
Procedure and Evidence
Sec. 51.18
Election Between Juvenile Court and Alternate Juvenile Court
Sec. 51.19
Limitation Periods
Sec. 51.20
Physical Or Mental Examination
Sec. 51.21
Mental Health Screening and Referral