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Chapter 52. Proceedings Before and Including Referral to Court

Sec. 52.01
Taking Into Custody; Issuance of Warning Notice
Sec. 52.011
Duty of Law Enforcement Officer to Notify Probate Court
Sec. 52.015
Directive to Apprehend
Sec. 52.0151
Bench Warrant; Attachment of Witness in Custody
Sec. 52.02
Release Or Delivery to Court
Sec. 52.025
Designation of Juvenile Processing Office
Sec. 52.026
Responsibility for Transporting Juvenile Offenders
Sec. 52.03
Disposition Without Referral to Court
Sec. 52.031
First Offender Program
Sec. 52.032
Informal Disposition Guidelines
Sec. 52.04
Referral to Juvenile Court; Notice to Parents
Sec. 52.041
Referral of Child to Juvenile Court After Expulsion