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Chapter 53. Proceedings Prior to Judicial Proceedings

Sec. 53.01
Preliminary Investigation and Determinations; Notice to Parents
Sec. 53.011
Services Provided to Certain Children and Families
Sec. 53.012
Review By Prosecutor
Sec. 53.013
Progressive Sanctions Program
Sec. 53.02
Release from Detention
Sec. 53.03
Deferred Prosecution
Sec. 53.035
Grand Jury Referral
Sec. 53.04
Court Petition; Answer
Sec. 53.045
Offenses Eligible for Determinate Sentence
Sec. 53.05
Time Set for Hearing
Sec. 53.06
Sec. 53.07
Service of Summons
Sec. 53.08
Writ of Attachment