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Subchapter A. Creation and Confidentiality of Juvenile Records

Sec. 58.001
Law Enforcement Collection and Transmittal of Records of Children
Sec. 58.002
Photographs and Fingerprints of Children
Sec. 58.0021
Fingerprints Or Photographs for Comparison in Investigation
Sec. 58.0022
Fingerprints Or Photographs to Identify Runaways
Sec. 58.004
Redaction of Victim's Personally Identifiable Information
Sec. 58.005
Confidentiality of Facility Records
Sec. 58.0051
Interagency Sharing of Educational Records
Sec. 58.0052
Interagency Sharing of Certain Noneducational Records
Sec. 58.007
Confidentiality of Probation Department, Prosecutor, and Court Records
Sec. 58.008
Confidentiality of Law Enforcement Records
Sec. 58.009
Dissemination of Juvenile Justice Information By the Texas Juvenile Justice Department