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Sec. 58.005: Confidentiality of Facility Records

(a) This section applies only to the inspection, copying, and maintenance of a record concerning a child and to the storage of information from which a record could be generated, including personally identifiable information, information obtained for the purpose of diagnosis, examination, evaluation, or treatment of the child or for making a referral for treatment of the child, and other records or information, created by or in the possession of:

(1) the Texas Juvenile Justice Department;

(2) an entity having custody of the child under a contract with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department; or

(3) another public or private agency or institution having custody of the child under order of the juvenile court, including a facility operated by or under contract with a juvenile board or juvenile probation department.

(a-1) Except as provided by Article 15.27, Code of Criminal Procedure, the records and information to which this section applies may be disclosed only to:

(1) the professional staff or consultants of the agency or institution;

(2) the judge, probation officers, and professional staff or consultants of the juvenile court;

(3) an attorney for the child;

(4) a governmental agency if the disclosure is required or authorized by law;

(5) an individual or entity to whom the child is referred for treatment or services, including assistance in transitioning the child to the community after the child's release or discharge from a juvenile facility;

(6) the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Texas Juvenile Justice Department for the purpose of maintaining statistical records of recidivism and for diagnosis and classification;

(7) a prosecuting attorney;

(8) a parent, guardian, or custodian with whom a child will reside after the child's release or discharge from a juvenile facility;

(9) a governmental agency or court if the record is necessary for an administrative or legal proceeding and the personally identifiable information about the child is redacted before the record is disclosed; or

(10) with permission from the juvenile court, any other individual, agency, or institution having a legitimate interest in the proceeding or in the work of the court.

(b) This section does not affect the collection, dissemination, or maintenance of information as provided by Subchapter B or D-1.

(c) An individual or entity that receives confidential information under this section may not disclose the information unless otherwise authorized by law.


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Amended by:

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