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Chapter 511. Commission on Jail Standards

Sec. 511.001
Sec. 511.002
Sec. 511.003
Sunset Provision
Sec. 511.004
Membership; Terms; Vacancies
Sec. 511.00405
Sec. 511.0041
Removal of Commission Members
Sec. 511.0042
Conflict of Interest
Sec. 511.005
Presiding Officer; Assistant Presiding Officer
Sec. 511.006
Meetings; Rules
Sec. 511.0061
Use of Technology
Sec. 511.007
Compensation; Reimbursement
Sec. 511.0071
Complaints and Access
Sec. 511.0072
Complaint Information
Sec. 511.008
Director; Staff
Sec. 511.0081
Advisory Committees
Sec. 511.0085
Risk Factors; Risk Assessment Plan
Sec. 511.0086
Risk-Based Inspections
Sec. 511.009
General Duties
Sec. 511.00901
Duty Regarding Minimum Standards
Sec. 511.00902
Sec. 511.00903
Inspection Trend Analysis
Sec. 511.00905
Jail Administrator Position; Examination Required
Sec. 511.0091
Fees; Inspection Account
Sec. 511.0092
Contracts for Out-of-State Inmates
Sec. 511.0093
Rules and Fees Related to Out-of-State Inmates
Sec. 511.0094
Exclusion of Jails Or Correctional Facilities Housing Only Federal Prisoners
Sec. 511.0095
Authority to House Out-of-State Inmates
Sec. 511.0096
Termination of Contracts for Out-of-State Inmates
Sec. 511.0097
Fire Sprinkler Head Inspection
Sec. 511.0098
Prisoner Health Benefits Coverage Information; Payment for Mental Health Services
Sec. 511.010
Gathering of Information
Sec. 511.0101
Jail Population Reports
Sec. 511.0102
Information on Licensed Jailer Turnover
Sec. 511.0103
Notification Regarding Policy Change
Sec. 511.0104
Rules Regarding Restraint of Pregnant Prisoner
Sec. 511.0105
Report Regarding Restraint of Pregnant Prisoner
Sec. 511.0106
Electronic Submission of Forms, Data, and Documents
Sec. 511.011
Report on Noncompliance
Sec. 511.0115
Public Information About Compliance Status of Jails
Sec. 511.012
Failure to Comply After Report
Sec. 511.0121
Failure to Cooperate in Parole in Absentia Program
Sec. 511.013
Appeal of Order
Sec. 511.014
Action to Enforce
Sec. 511.0145
Enforcement Actions
Sec. 511.015
Annual Reports
Sec. 511.016
Sec. 511.017
Duties Related to State Jail Felony Facilities
Sec. 511.018
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Sec. 511.019
Prisoner Safety Fund
Sec. 511.020
Serious Incidents Report
Sec. 511.021
Independent Investigation of Death Occurring in County Jail
Sec. 511.022
Advisory Committee
Sec. 511.023
Intake of Persons with Intellectual Or Developmental Disabilities