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Chapter 571. General Provisions

Sec. 571.001
Short Title
Sec. 571.002
Sec. 571.003
Sec. 571.004
Least Restrictive Appropriate Setting
Sec. 571.005
Texas Mental Health Code Information Program
Sec. 571.006
Executive Commissioner and Department Powers
Sec. 571.0065
Treatment Methods
Sec. 571.0066
Prescription Medication Information
Sec. 571.0067
Restraint and Seclusion
Sec. 571.007
Delegation of Powers and Duties
Sec. 571.008
Return of Committed Patient to State of Residence
Sec. 571.0081
Return of Committed Patient to State of Residence; Reciprocal Agreements
Sec. 571.009
Effect of Certain Conditions on Admission Or Commitment
Sec. 571.010
Agent for Service of Process
Sec. 571.011
Application to Persons Charged with Crime
Sec. 571.012
Court Hours; Availability of Judge Or Magistrate
Sec. 571.013
Method of Giving Notice
Sec. 571.014
Filing Requirements
Sec. 571.015
Inspection of Court Records
Sec. 571.016
Representation of State
Sec. 571.0165
Extension of Detention Period
Sec. 571.0166
Proceedings on Behalf of the State
Sec. 571.0167
Habeas Corpus Proceedings
Sec. 571.017
Compensation of Court-Appointed Personnel
Sec. 571.018
Sec. 571.019
Limitation of Liability
Sec. 571.020
Criminal Penalties
Sec. 571.021
Enforcement Officers
Sec. 571.022
Sec. 571.023
Civil Penalty
Sec. 571.024
Notice of Suit
Sec. 571.025
Administrative Penalty
Sec. 571.026
Recovery of Costs