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Subchapter C. Surrogate Consent for Icf-Iid Clients

Sec. 597.041
Surrogate Decision-Makers
Sec. 597.042
Surrogate Consent Committee Established; Departmental Support
Sec. 597.043
Committee Membership
Sec. 597.044
Application for Treatment Decision
Sec. 597.045
Notice of Review of Application for Treatment Decision
Sec. 597.046
Prereview of Application
Sec. 597.047
Confidential Information
Sec. 597.048
Review of Application
Sec. 597.049
Determination of Best Interest
Sec. 597.050
Notice of Determination
Sec. 597.051
Effect of Committee's Determination
Sec. 597.052
Scope of Consent
Sec. 597.053
Sec. 597.054