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Sec. 461A.056: Statewide Service Delivery Plan

(a) The department shall develop and adopt a statewide service delivery plan. The department shall update the plan not later than February 1 of each even-numbered year. The plan must include:

(1) a statement of the department's mission, goals, and objectives regarding chemical dependency prevention, intervention, and treatment;

(2) a statement of how chemical dependency services and chemical dependency case management services should be organized, managed, and delivered;

(3) a comprehensive assessment of:

(A) chemical dependency services available in this state at the time the plan is prepared; and

(B) future chemical dependency services needs;

(4) a service funding process that ensures equity in the availability of chemical dependency services across this state and within each service region established under Section 531.024, Government Code;

(5) a provider selection and monitoring process that emphasizes quality in the provision of services;

(6) a description of minimum service levels for each region;

(7) a mechanism for the department to obtain and consider local public participation in identifying and assessing regional needs for chemical dependency services;

(8) a process for coordinating and assisting administration and delivery of services among federal, state, and local public and private chemical dependency programs that provide similar services; and

(9) a process for coordinating the department's activities with those of other state health and human services agencies and criminal justice agencies to avoid duplications and inconsistencies in the efforts of the agencies in chemical dependency prevention, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation, research, education, and training.

(b) The department shall gather information needed for the development of the plan through systematic methods designed to include local, regional, and statewide perspectives.

(c) In developing the plan, the department shall analyze the costs of implementation of proposed features of the plan by both the department and service providers. The department shall use the analysis to maximize the efficiency of service delivery under the final plan.

(d) The plan must provide a priority for obtaining treatment services for individuals in need of treatment who are parents of a child in foster care.


Added by Acts 2015, 84th Leg., R.S., Ch. 1 (S.B. 219), Sec. 3.1158, eff. April 2, 2015.