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Chapter 1701. Law Enforcement Officers

Subchapter A
General Provisions
Subchapter B
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement
Subchapter C
Executive Director and Personnel
Subchapter D
Powers and Duties of Commission
Subchapter E
Public Interest Information and Complaint Procedures
Subchapter F
Training Programs, Schools, and Policies
Subchapter G
License Requirements; Disqualifications and Exemptions
Subchapter H
Continuing Education and Yearly Weapons Proficiency
Subchapter I
Professional Training and Recognition
Subchapter J
Employment Records and Preemployment Procedure
Subchapter K
Disciplinary Procedures
Subchapter L
Criminal Penalty
Subchapter M
Visiting Resource Officer in Public School
Subchapter M-1
Peer Support Network for Law Enforcement Officers
Subchapter N
Body Worn Camera Program
Subchapter O
Emergency Administration of Epinephrine