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Title 37. Public Safety and Corrections

Part 1 : Texas Department of Public Safety
Chapter 1
Organization and Administration
Chapter 3
Texas Highway Patrol
Chapter 4
Commercial Vehicle Regulations and Enforcement Procedures
Chapter 5
Criminal Law Enforcement
Chapter 6
License to Carry Handguns
Chapter 7
Division of Emergency Management
Chapter 9
Public Safety Communications
Chapter 13
Controlled Substances
Chapter 14
School Bus Safety Standards
Chapter 15
Driver License Rules
Chapter 16
Commercial Driver License
Chapter 17
Administrative License Revocation
Chapter 18
Driver Education
Chapter 19
Breath Alcohol Testing Regulations
Chapter 21
Equipment and Vehicle Standards
Chapter 23
Vehicle Inspection
Chapter 25
Safety Responsibility Regulations
Chapter 27
Crime Records
Chapter 28
Dna, Codis, Forensic Analysis, and Crime Laboratories
Chapter 29
Practice and Procedure
Chapter 31
Standards for an Approved Motorcycle Operator Training Course
Chapter 32
Bicycles--Use and Safety
Chapter 33
All-Terrain Vehicle Operator Education and Certification Program
Chapter 34
Negotiation and Mediation of Certain Contract Disputes
Chapter 35
Private Security
Part 3 : Texas Youth Commission
Chapter 81
Interaction with the Public
Chapter 85
Admission, Placement, Release, and Discharge
Chapter 87
Chapter 91
Program Services
Chapter 93
Youth Rights and Remedies
Chapter 95
Behavior Management and Youth Discipline
Chapter 97
Security and Control
Chapter 99
General Provisions
Chapter 105
Juvenile Correctional Officers
Chapter 111
Chapter 117
Interstate Compact on Juveniles
Chapter 119
Agreements with Other Agencies
Part 4 : Adjutant General's Department
Chapter 121
Personnel--Application Procedures and Policies for State Employment
Chapter 123
Release of Information
Part 5 : Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
Chapter 141
General Provisions
Chapter 143
Executive Clemency
Chapter 145
Chapter 146
Revocation of Parole Or Mandatory Supervision
Chapter 147
Chapter 149
Mandatory Supervision
Chapter 150
Memorandum of Understanding and Board Policy Statements
Part 6 : Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Chapter 151
General Provisions
Chapter 152
Correctional Institutions Division
Chapter 153
Internal Inquiries
Chapter 154
Private Sector Prison Industries Programs
Chapter 155
Reports and Information Gathering
Chapter 159
Special Programs
Chapter 161
Community Justice Assistance Division Administration
Chapter 163
Community Justice Assistance Division Standards
Chapter 195
Part 7 : Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education
Chapter 211
Chapter 215
Training and Educational Providers and Related Matters
Chapter 217
Licensing Requirements
Chapter 219
Prelicensing and Reactivation Courses, Tests, and Endorsements
Chapter 221
Proficiency Certificates and Other Post-Basic Licenses
Chapter 223
Chapter 225
Specialized Licenses
Chapter 229
Texas Peace Officers' Memorial
Part 9 : Texas Commission on Jail Standards
Chapter 251
Chapter 253
Chapter 255
Rulemaking Procedures
Chapter 257
Construction Approval Rules
Chapter 259
New Construction Rules
Chapter 260
County Correctional Centers
Chapter 261
Existing Construction Rules
Chapter 263
Life Safety Rules
Chapter 265
Chapter 267
Chapter 269
Records and Procedures
Chapter 271
Classification and Separation of Inmates
Chapter 273
Health Services
Chapter 275
Supervision of Inmates
Chapter 277
Clothing, Personal Hygiene and Bedding
Chapter 279
Chapter 281
Food Service
Chapter 283
Discipline and Grievances
Chapter 285
Recreation and Exercise
Chapter 287
Education and Rehabilitation Programs
Chapter 289
Work Assignments
Chapter 291
Services and Activities
Chapter 297
Compliance and Enforcement
Chapter 299
Variance Procedure Rules
Chapter 300
Chapter 301
Rules of Practice in Contested Cases
Part 11 : Texas Juvenile Probation Commission
Chapter 341
Texas Juvenile Probation Commission Standards
Chapter 342
Standards for Housing Non-Texas Juveniles in Texas Detention and Correctional Facilities
Chapter 343
Secure Juvenile Pre-Adjudication Detention and Post-Adjudication Correctional Facilities
Chapter 344
Employment, Certification and Training
Chapter 345
Juvenile Justice Professional Code of Ethics
Chapter 347
Title IV-E Federal Foster Care Programs
Chapter 348
Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Programs
Chapter 349
General Administrative Standards
Chapter 350
Investigating Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, Death and Serious Incidents
Chapter 351
Standards for Short-Term Detention Facilities
Chapter 358
Identifying, Reporting and Investigating Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, Death and Serious Incidents
Chapter 359
Memorandum of Understanding
Part 12 : Texas Military Facilities Commission
Chapter 375
Building Construction Administration
Chapter 377
Prevailing Wage Rate Determination
Chapter 378
Sale of Commission Property
Chapter 379
Administrative Rules
Part 13 : Texas Commission on Fire Protection
Chapter 401
Practice and Procedure
Chapter 403
Criminal Convictions and Eligibility for Certification
Chapter 405
Charges for Public Records
Chapter 407
Chapter 421
Standards for Certification
Chapter 423
Fire Suppression
Chapter 425
Fire Service Instructors
Chapter 427
Training Facility Certification
Chapter 429
Minimum Standards for Fire Inspectors
Chapter 431
Fire Investigation
Chapter 433
Minimum Standards for Driver/OPERATOR-Pumper
Chapter 435
Fire Fighter Safety
Chapter 437
Chapter 439
Examinations for Certification
Chapter 441
Continuing Education
Chapter 443
Certification Curriculum Manual
Chapter 445
Administrative Inspections and Penalties
Chapter 447
Part-Time Fire Protection Employee
Chapter 449
Head of a Fire Department
Chapter 451
Fire Officer
Chapter 453
Minimum Standards for Hazardous Materials Technician
Chapter 491
Voluntary Regulation of State Agencies and State Agency Employees
Chapter 493
Voluntary Regulation of Federal Agencies and Federal Fire Fighters
Chapter 495
Regulation of Nongovernmental Departments