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Subchapter D. Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) Program

Description of the Hcs Program
Eligibility Criteria and Suspension of Hcs Program Services
Calculation of Co-payment
Maintenance of Hcs Program Interest List
Process for Enrollment of Applicants
Dads' Review of a Proposed Ipc
Loc Determination
Lapsed Loc
Lon Assignment
Dads' Review of Lon
Reconsideration of Lon Assignment
Renewal and Revision of an Ipc
Permanency Planning
Fair Hearing
Program Provider Certification Review and Residential Visit
Certification Principles: Mission, Development, and Philosophy of Program Operations
Certification Principles: Rights of Individuals
Certification Principles: Service Delivery
Certification Principles: Staff Member and Service Provider Requirements
Certification Principles: Quality Assurance
Certification Principles: Restraint
Certification Processes
Program Provider's Right to Administrative Hearing
Other Program Provider Responsibilities
Dads' Approval of Residences
Referral to Dfps
Mra Requirements for Providing Service Coordination in the Hcs Program
Mra Compliance Review