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Subchapter N. Texas Home Living (TXHML) Program

Description of the Txhml Program
Definitions of Txhml Program Service Components
Eligibility Criteria
Calculation of Co-payment
Individual Plan of Care (IPC)
Request to Increase Service Category Limits
Level of Care (LOC) Determination
Lapsed Level of Care (LOC)
Level of Need (LON) Assignment
Dads' Review of Level of Need (LON)
Notification of Applicants
Process for Enrollment
Revisions and Renewals of Individual Plans of Care (IPCs), Levels of Care (LOCs), and Levels of Need (LONs) for Enrolled Individuals
Coordination of Transfers
Permanent Discharge from the Txhml Program and Suspension of Txhml Program Services
Fair Hearings
Other Program Provider Requirements
Record Retention
Program Provider's Right to Administrative Hearing
Program Provider Certification and Review
Corrective Action and Program Provider Sanctions
Program Provider Certification Principles: Service Delivery
Certification Principles: Qualified Personnel
Certification Principles: Quality Assurance
Compliance with Txhml Program Principles for Mental Retardation Authorities (MRAs)
Txhml Program Principles for Mental Retardation Authorities